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5 01 2009
Chikondi L. M. Pasani

I like the mentoring aspect in our fellowship program. Because as I am intereacting with my mentor there are quite alot of things and tricks that I am learning on how I can be some notable person in society.

In addition I have realised that sometimes we seem not to have the knowledge that we arementoring other but things arehappening mentoring has been taking place informally between myself and my mentorbut now it has been strengthend with the fellowship programme.

On a secod note one key thing that I learnt from the mentoring workshop was the working relationship between the facilitators particularly Phill and Normala. I was so delighted by the fact that a couple can work together effectively and being renowned world wide. To me that was a lesson. I was really mentored.

Hello to all Fellows, Mentors and the AWARD Team.


19 10 2009
Everlyne Koech

Thank you Phil and Normalla for the great work. Yoiu taught me a think or two about building useful relationship. I particularly learned a lot from the manner of your training delivery even as a married couple. It was fascinating.
Thank you to to the AWARD Team. You did great! I appreciate your effort and service. God bless. And to all of us African women, we can transform Africa. Let us build our synergies.

2 12 2009
Aichi Kitalyi

I believe human beings, male or female need mentoring in their life for good relations and productive life, because the world is moulded by social relations. I am glad to be a member of AWARD mentoring program. Although currently I am in the list of mentors, I can admit that in the process I have been mentored by other participants and the resource persons too. Thanks to my organisation ICRAF for the opportunity and congratulations to the AWARD team for the program achievements. Time has been my major limitation for active participation, but I envisage a relief next year because of the recent hiring of two staff members in my office.

14 01 2010
Beatrice Akello

After the mentoring orientation workshop in Mombasa in 2009, it was like ‘my eyes popped open’. I was suddenly awakened to the fact that I can do so much. In the introductions session, Phil and Normalla had planned for us to share our ‘hidden’ talent. Mine was Poetry. I was asked to write and recite a poem and surely, I came up with “My journey in AWARD”. I didnt know the poem was on the website until a friend told me… “These days you are international, you are even on the AWARD website”. I was thrilled. AWARD Team, you get “Thumbs up!” for making a difference for me and other women. Phil and Normalla, thank u for opening my eyes. God bless AWARD TEAM.

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