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5 02 2009

I am still reeling from the impact of the Women leadership course. the training was so practical and helpful. I wish there can be a system of passing this knowledge to the young women as early as possible (age 25-30yrs). They will grow challenged to create impact in their lives without loss of TIME.

kind regards


6 02 2009
Grace Bolfrey-Arku

I enjoyed the leadership course and I left Nairobi feeling empowered. The 360 degree survey was revealing. At the final evaluation, I said to myself as emotions flowed that this is deep. It should have happened 10 years ago but then I remembered the article ‘Personal Renewal’. It is never too late!. I believe my life has just started.
To AWARD STAFF I say ‘Ayekoo!’ (well done).

Pam, Laura and Joni you were great. I also say ‘Mbo’ (Bravo)

9 04 2009

Yes!! as Post Bsc fellows we learnt quite alot from the leadership for change course organised by AWLAE-Net. A number of things struck me very much including among others:
Firstly the nibble theory where I learnt about the kernel of power and the importance of sharing information does not make one smaller but rather it makes you grow (become more knowledgeable) about a subject matter.

Secondly the MBTI a tool for assessing ones personality styles. It is a powerful tool indeed. What amused me most was the fact that none of the participants denied the descriptions of the combiniations of the personalities which is very fantastic meaning that everybody is aware of themselves and upon realising your styles you can integrate in different settings by adjusting accordingly to the environment one is subjected to I presume.

Thirdly the aspect of building ones confidence “taking the risks” starting from the home to the community and even at national levels bearing in mind that change does not take place at once but rahter it is a process whach faces alot of stumbling blocks. It is the blocks that we need to go through, thus risk taking

All in all it was exciting to undergo the training and share the different experiences with fellow “Post BSc Fellows”!!

Yes as AWARD fellows we can contribute to the change we need!!!!!!!!

Thanks to the facilitators for ably delivering the sessions!!!!!!!

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