The Story of My Sister

4 12 2009

The Story of My Sister, by Phoebe Kirigo Mwaniki

All across Africa, the ululations could be heard,
Women dancing, and everyone was glad.
A baby girl is born, and in joy she was clad.
Rizibuka, Wamono, Karuhanga, Numafo, Kithika, Osoniyi was her brand,
Darling of my brothers, my grannies and my dad.

s we all grew and went to school together with my brothers,
We were taught by the society that we were different from our brothers.
Ardo, Wamono, Nadhoka, Mutonyi, Cherunya should cook and serve my brothers.
Remember, this is the destiny of our sisters and our mothers.
Destiny! Lugwana, Tuei, Matsimbe, Hamiyanze, Chisenga didn’t believe this to the letter.

And college was over, interviews came calling in one by one.
We need a pilot” and my brother was gone.
A centre director, “a man’s job” my next brother followed.
Remember “chiefs” are much better being men; our last born brother followed.
“Darlings”, my mother told us, “these are men’s jobs, you are just a woman.”

As if they were a different breed of women,
Wilde, Alice, Margaret, Gorrettie, Sarah, Ramni, Lusike, Joyce,
Florence and others, have dared the omen.
Adorable women, achievers in the world of men,
Ruth, Gichangi, Imbuni, Okafor, Mwaniki, Kimani, Karanja and Omenwa,
Daring too, have followed in the footsteps of these women.

A new day has come, and the sun has finally shone,
Weaving in the world of science, has not been without a whine.
A helping hand we needed, a platform to the gold mine,
Rendering to the community, the dreams of the fellows.
Delivering to the fellows, the joy of the mentors.

At the peak of a desire, a dream was born.
She dreamt, she has made us dream and we will make others dream,
And as all these dreams come to be true, we will change Africa.




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