4 12 2009

Poetry writing has now become an AWARD tradition.  At last year’s mentoring orientation workshops (MOWs), three poems were composed, inspired by Thema’s Journey and the mentoring orientation workshops.   AWARD Fellows, Emanuella Eguagie (Nigeria) and Mboka Mwanitu (Tanzania), together with mentor Dr. Kenneth Wiyo (Malawi) and Stephen Mensah, trainee trainer, (Ghana) also caught the poetry bug.   This year, two AWARD Fellows wrote and recited the following poems at the MOWs.

My Journey in AWARD by Dr. Beatrice Akello, research officer, National Agricultural Research Organisation, Uganda

My journey in AWARD
Started when I received an award.
This journey started in June,
With my mind so in tune,
My heart full of anticipation,
Waiting for the fate of my application. 

My journey in AWARD
Is indeed a great reward.
For African Women
in Agricultural Research and Development.
Who have always longed for a great future,
But couldn’t go against their culture.

My journey in AWARD
Taking me proudly forward,
Guided by a woman called Vicki Wilde,
With her team of people so wise,
Who dared to start to dream,
To make true, another woman’s dream.

My journey in AWARD
Leaves me feeling awed.
Beholding African women,
Oh, great African women,
Gathered because of AWARD fellowship.
I cannot help but, my Creator worship.

My journey in AWARD
Has given me a great reward.
Hearing the Indian Ocean roar,
My imagination can’t help but soar
About all the wonderful rewards
For women in AWARD.

My journey in AWARD
With other women in AWARD.
Please hear my word as we take the walk.
As we receive our rewards while we walk,
Let us never forget to reward
The other women in the world




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