Dorothy’s Notes from the Road

15 05 2009

By Dorothy Mukhebi

Vernon Gracen, Eric Danquah, Dorothy Mukhebi, Sam Offei at WACCIs biotech lab in Ghana

Vernon Gracen, Eric Danquah, Dorothy Mukhebi, Sam Offei at WACCI's biotech lab in Ghana

It was great to know that skills learnt from both the Mentoring Orientation Workshop (MOW) and Women’s Leadership Course (WLC) ensured the mentoring was more focused.  There was increased sensitivity on gender issues; pairs developed good working relationships and trust for one another.  The fellows and some of the female mentors shared how they are applying skills obtained from leadership course e.g. using assertiveness and persistence in pursuing goals; better time management , improved communication etc. Participants promised to be ASSERTIVE and not AGGRESSIVE! Most important, participants expressed appreciation for the unwavering support received from family.

On the challenges, time management tops the list. There were mentoring pairs who had never met yet there were some who had managed to meet weekly! Most participants wished there were 36 hours in a day. The mentoring pairs faced intermittent access to the Internet and erratic electricity supply however fellows and mentors indicated that they valued informal contacts and quick responses to e-mails from AWARD staff.

The rich and honest feedback from Round One Fellows will be incorporated in our day to day work.  I look forward to more interactions with both fellows and mentors.
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15 05 2009
Sheila Ommeh

Thank you Dorothy for the excellent job you are doing in monitoring the Mentoring progress!

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