Comparative analysis of potential economic impact of alternative agricultural and rural development models: the case of Africa Invest and civil society organisations in Malawi

15 05 2009

Authors: Phiri,M.A.R.
Produced by: Bunda College of Agriculture (2007)

The main objective of this study is to carry out a comparative analysis of alternative agricultural and rural development models in Malawi. This aims at discovering the merits and demerits of each approach, mainly with regards to its impact on poverty reduction in the country. This is achieved through an analysis of the role of a UK private client investment management business, Africa Invest.

Specifically, the paper includes:

  • an itroduction to Africa Invest and its approach to agricultural and rural development
  • a comparison of the Africa Invest model with the current agricultural systems that dominate Malawi
  • an impact analysis of Africa Invest on the Dwambazi farm economy
  • an assessment of the compatibility of the Africa Invest approach to the objectives of the Malawian government, NGOs and the international community.

The paper finds that the Africa Invest model has induced a paradigm shift with regards to the way civil society or indeed government development partners such as the donor community should design development assistance. With more than a decade of massive investments into the country through civil society operations, how much growth attributed to their participation has been generated? This is worth re-examining and establishing new forms of partnership with the target communities, who should be called partners in development.

Available online at:⊂=agric




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