AWARD Fellow Increases Her Visibility In Kenya’s Leading Newspaper

22 04 2009

We would like to congratulate AWARD’s Sheila Ommeh on her feature in Kenya’s leading newspaper, The Nation. She has taken the opportunity to increase her visibility and showcases her top-notch research with ILRI in Kenya.

Sheila’s reflection on increasing visibility of her research

I was deeply humbled to be featured in the country’s top newspaper, thanks to AWARD! Ever since I got this fellowship, my visibility within my home institute has increased immensely. No wonder ILRI’s media and communication department forwarded my article to Nation newspaper’s editor for publicity about my PhD work on chicken genetics. I realize that the article has inspired many people and I am currently seen as a mentor to both females and males. Personally, I feel happy and satisfied that my simple story has touched so many people from different backgrounds. It is my hope that high school students will consider taking up agriculture as a career. ILRI has been supportive and pleased about the positive publicity the article has generated. The biggest lesson learnt for this experience would be to focus on a goal and have commitment towards achieving that goal. It is my focus to work with small scale poultry farmers in Africa and I am committed towards having an improved chicken breed that will be able to sustain their livelihoods. I am happy that with my increased visibility through the lifestyle article, this has initiated new partnerships and collaborations and now I am one step closer towards achieving this important goal.

Read Sheila’s feature in the Nation: A Big Heart for Chicken, Dead or Alive




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