Kenya’s Leading Woman Vice Chancellor Joins The AWARD Community

22 04 2009

During the AWARD Kenya national meeting, the AWARD team had the honor of meeting the Vice Chancellor of Kenyatta University, Professor Olive Mugenda.

For the AWARD community, Prof. Olive Mugenda is an inspiration having survived much adversity to get to the top. She is a true champion on advocating quality of education in Kenya. She serves as a mentor and role model for many Kenyans, especially women.

Prof. Mugenda is the first woman vice chancellor to be appointed at a Kenyan public university. She was selected through an open search process at Kenyatta University (KU) in 2006.

In addition to her strong leadership role at KU, she has a long history of research and advocacy Eastern and Southern Africa. Her own areas of academic specialization include education, women’s education, family and consumer economics, statistics, and research methods.

Her publications and research include, “Reconceptualization of Home Economics in Africa” for the International Development Research Centre in 1997, and in 2008 she presented a paper on the ‘Role of Education in Enhancing National Unity’ in a conference for secondary school heads in Kenya.

Her impacts at the university can be felt as she has restructured the home economics and life skills departments. She places a great emphasis on HIV/AIDS management, public health, women’s studies, and environmental sciences in KU’s curriculum. She is an excellent example of an African woman leader and expressed an interest to serve as a mentor to the second round of AWARD fellows.

For pictures from AWARD meeting with Prof Olive Mugenda password: fellows




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