Zambians Advised to Go Into Fish Farming

16 04 2009

LIVESTOCK and Fisheries Minister, Bradford Machila has challenged Zambians to diversify into fish farming, saying the sector has the potential to create employment and earn foreign exchange for the country.

Mr Machila said in Lusaka yesterday that with the economic hardship, fish farming was a new economic activity, which would enable the country to create employment opportunities and foreign exchange earnings by increasing breeding of fish.

The minister was speaking during the launch of the National Milling Corporation (NMC) Namfeed’s aquaculture fish food at Kabalu Palm Farms.

“Today’s event marks a new era for fish farming in the country as we launch a fish food product which, if properly used, can contribute to diversifying our economy through agriculture,” Mr Machila said.

He said fishing under his ministry already represented a significant part of the country’s economic activity as the industry’s economy influenced other sectors like health, hospitality and tourism.

Mr Machila said the industry had become an active sector in the country, in that it made an enormous economic and social contribution to local communities by creating employment to every Zambian.

He said the production of the aquaculture fish food by NMC was vital to the country’s economy and health hence the need to support such productions.

NMC managing director, Peter Cottan said breeding of fish and fish food was vital for fish farming communities, hence the need to promote the sector.

Mr Cottan said the new product would be of great benefit to the farmers engaged in fish farming because it would increase breeding as well as nutrition to the fish.

He said global food grain stocks were failing and grain food prices were increasing, which called for strengthening and expansion of agriculture production.

Kabalu Palm Farms director, Rosaria Fundanga said she currently had 16 fishponds and wished to extend in order to contribute to employment creation and increased food production.

Mrs Fundanga said there was need to create linkages with organisations involved in fish farming if the sector was to develop and contribute adequately to the development of the country.

Source: All Africa




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