Reflections from Capitol Hill by Emma Kambewa

30 03 2009

Reflections of the International Expert Consultation on Gender in Agriculture held in Washington D.C. from 16 to 17 March 2009.

Emma in a breakout group in Washington D.C.

The meeting was the first one I have ever attended where women professionals converged and discussed issues of global economic and environmental importance.  Participants discussed a range of issues around six themes including climate change; food, fuel and financial crises; pressures on water and land use; opportunities for economic services provision; disaster and post conflict and private sector engagement.

These themes were discussed in parallel sessions thereby allowing direct participation in only two sessions. I participated in: pressures on water and land use and climate change sessions.
Professionally and also personally, the meeting was an eye-opener to real issues that need both women’s participation in tackling them as well as understanding how they may affect women when their plight is not adequately addressed. It was also very interesting to learn about how women’s contributions to tackling development constraints may likely turn the world into an economic power house with populations that are happy and satisfied.
I had a wonderful time meeting, learning from, and sharing with individual scientists.  Having made valuable contacts that I will follow-up with.

For example, Yianna Lambrou is currently working on climate change projects in India that is coincidently identical to the grant we have just finalized at WorldFish Center to start around June, 2009.  We agreed with Yianna that we need to have information exchange about our projects, including methodologies and further exchange visits to personally see how we are proceeding in the projects. I consider this contact very valuable for my current work.

Above all this, I got a chance to meet Vicki Wilde, Leader of AWARD, face to face.
In attendance from the AWARD community were: Joy Bongyereire- Ugandan AWARD fellow, Monica Kapiriri-Uganda- AWARD training of trainers’ participant, Eodie Nindamutsa, Executive Director of AWALAE-net, an AWARD implementing partner, and Margaret Kroma- AWARD Project Manager.

For information on the consultative meeting, click here
For pictures of AWARD in D.C., click here password: fellows
For pictures of AWARD in D.C., click here password: fellows




3 responses

1 04 2009
Vicki Wilde

It was my great pleasure to meet you face to face, to hear all about how your AWARD journey is going. It also made me feel proud to see so many AWARD participants actively engaged in this World Bank conference on gender and agriculture. I am delighted to read you found it a useful experience.
Waving to you from Rome,

2 04 2009

Way to go Emma!Keep up the good work J:))y

9 04 2009

Emma congratulations for the opportunity to be among the high powered intrenational experts in gender !!! Visibility is taking its course for the fellows under AWARD I can see. Let us keep sharing the fire (information)!!

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