AWARD fellows find their Kernel of Power

30 03 2009
Post Bachelor fellows writing words of inspirations to their peers

Post Bachelor fellows writing words of inspirations to their peers

By Sulafa Said Silim

No one has summed up life as clearly as Neale Clapp who says, “Nothing ventured, nothing lost.” This message closed the powerful green book, “The Nibble Theory” that each Leadership for Change participant held in her hand. Each post bachelors fellow learnt about her kernel of power during the AWLAE-net five-day course held at Nairobi’s Safari Park hotel from 23 to 28, March 2009.
Fellows were led through a series of interactive and reflective activities that were meant to open up their self awareness and improve their understanding of gender specific roles that will continue to challenge their professional experiences.

Each participant was asked to post a picture onto a large white sheet of flip chart paper along the walls of the conference hall. AWLAE-net Facilitator, Phoebe Omondi opened up the activity asking everyone in the room to write positive messages about other participants on the large sheets of paper. By the end of the course, messages such as “you are a force to be reckoned with, powerful, beautiful inside and outside “were written across 25 white pages. AWARD post bachelors’ fellows walked away with posters of encouragement and words of inspiration from their fellow participants acknowledging their potential to become leaders of today at their home institutions. Ruth Magreta from Malawi captured the sentiments most elouently in her a message: , “I never realised this is what people saw in me, Ruthie, now I know I can do it because I know I am a leader.”
The Nibble Theory and the Kernel of Power: a book about leadership, self-empowerment and personal growth was an essential tool in illustrating the basics of self belief and reflection on human nature. The Nibble Theory powerfully illustrated the virtue of self belief and focus of each person’s internal power, leaving fellows with an important message about their kernel of power.
One might ask what is a nibble and how does it apply to self awareness? Nibbling is defined as “taking small quick bites at something”, so the theory hinges on the fact that we allow people to take quick bites out of us, our spirit, and self esteem. At times, we even allow ourselves to cannibalize our own egos. The course, along with the book aim to encourage the process of self understanding, respect and empowerment. Coined as the ‘kernel of power’, it refers to energy that emanates from your core and gives you the strength to change, adapt and strengthen yourself one step at a time.
Eodie Nindamutsa, Executive Director of AWLAE-net said, “It is my hope that from now on, the young women scientists will use the knowledge gained on gender and leadership issues to advance themselves, be more visible and change policies and practices in their institutions, communities and countries that are not in favour of women. I trust that they will neither nibble others, nor nibble themselves. I hope that nothing will stop their dreams to come true as they start implementing their actions plans so that women and men can benefit.”
As Author Kaleel Jamison puts it, “that kernel, that central part of you, that self is your source of joy and serenity – your source of balance, respect, competence, stability and power.”
Ethiopian fellow, Sihine Estifanos said, “I learnt that to be a good leader I have to be confident enough, visible enough and share information with others so that we can all grow together. That is what I take away from the book and the course itself.”
The AWLAE-net Leadership for Change course for AWARD post-bachelors’ fellows is the last in the series of leadership courses for AWARD fellows.
African trainers who are part of a growing pool of AWARD “training of trainers” for future delivery of AWARD training courses were in attendance. They included: Monica Kapiriri (Uganda), Birguy Diallo Lamzana (Burkina Faso), Hlami Ngwenya (South Africa), and Grace Mitoko (Kenya).
Course facilitation was led by Phoebe Omondi and Kanaidza Abwao from AWLAE-net. Pauline Bomett, AWARD Training Coordinator was also in attendance.




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9 04 2009

Good job, Sulafa. Really good job! Trust you for good publicity for this generation of African Women in Agric and REsearch Development.

16 04 2009

formidable site this terrific to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

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