Tech Awards- solving the challenges of the 21st Century

9 02 2009

Deadline Date: March 27, 2009

The Tech Awards is a program that aims to honor and award innovators from around the world who use technology to benefit humanity. Five Laureates in each category are honored, and one Laureate per category receives US$50,000.

Individuals, for-profit companies, and not-for-profit organisations are eligible to apply. The purpose of The Tech Awards programme is to inspire future scientists, technologists, and dreamers to harness the power and “promise of technology to solve the challenges that confront us at the dawn of the 21st Century”.

The categories are:

  • Education
  • Equality
  • Economic Development
  • Environment
  • Health

Nominations and applications are evaluated according to the following criteria:

The technology application significantly improves the human condition in one of the five award areas: economic development, education, environment, equality, or health.

A serious problem or challenge with global significance is addressed by this use of technology.

The application of this technology, which may be either a new invention or an innovative use of an existing technology, makes a noteworthy contribution that surpasses previous or current solutions.

The technology application has the potential to serve as an inspiration or model for further innovation.

The technology application is in the field and has demonstrated a measurable benefit.

The Tech Awards focus on the power of individuals, teams, and organisations around the world and in all sectors. In instances where work is performed in large or well-funded organisations, recognition will be made to the entrepreneurial individuals and/or teams that fostered innovations which challenged existing paradigms to serve the common good of humanity.

Nominators and Applicants may submit their nomination/application in one category only.

Tech Award Laureates, including those named as category winners, are ineligible for The Tech Awards in the year immediately following the one in which they are honoured but may apply in subsequent years for technological innovations different from the one(s) for which they were already recognised.

Individuals not recognised in a given year may reapply in subsequent years and – with continued progress and evidence of impact – are encouraged to do so.

Nominations and applications must be submitted online in English.

The deadline for application is March 27 2009.

Application Information


The Tech Awards
The Tech Museum
201 South Market Street
San Jose CA
United States

Tel: 408 795 6304




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