Review Of CGIAR And NARS Linkages

6 01 2009

A review of biotechnology-related work in the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) and partner National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) forwarded several recommendations to improve the process. It noted the “clear need for special procedures, particularly involving key NARS at the earliest stage, to ensure efficient flow from research to use.” The following recommendations are a result of a workshop “Biotechnology, biosafety and the CGIAR: Promoting best practice in science and policy”, organized by the Science Council of the CGIAR, the International Rice Research Institute, and Bioversity International:
• A network to improve the delivery of CGIAR biotech products is imperative. The Network should involve NARS and other partners. Its functions should include identification of best practices, development of business plans, and other aspects of product development and delivery.
• System‐wide representation at international policy fora should be coordinated (possibly through the CGIAR Biotechnology Research Support Network), particularly in providing technical contributions and highlighting research options/scenarios.
A pre-publication version of the workshop report is at




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