Dorothy does the Mentoring Walk 2008

8 12 2008

Using her prowess in mentoring is what Dorothy Mukhebi excels at and has put it to good use during the Annual Women Mentoring Women Event held in Nairobi, Kenya.

What begun as just simply observing the event ended up as an impromptu mentoring of two 20-something professional girls, she says: “It was very exciting despite having to have woken up so early on a Saturday morning.”

The pairing process was done at random according to Dorothy but in the end each mentor was placed with two mentees as they set off on their Safari Walk. She says ” Even the old lions enjoyed watching us as we passed by. If any of you have not been, please make a point of doing the Safari Walk!”

The two chief guests were the representative of Anna Tibaijuka, UN-HABITAT Executive Director and Dr Auma Obama-the sister of the President-Elect Obama.




2 responses

10 12 2008
Dr Olukemi Odukoya

Brilliant performance!

12 01 2009
Stella Williams

Oh my goodness, did you say our Dorothy initiated a “Safari Walk”? That is a great idea to get more people involved in the Mentoring Programme. Wonderful idea. Thank you for sharung this outcome.

Also to get the President-Elect Barak Obama residing in Kenya into this activity, what a “globalization” of the process. Way to GO!
Stella Williams

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